Automatische Generierung dreidimensionaler Polygonkarten für mobile Roboter

This thesis presents a method to automatically produce compressed polygonal meshes of arbitrary environments using a modifed Marching Cubes algorithm.

Online Mesh Optimization for Large Scale KinectFusion Meshes

In this paper we present an extension of Large Scale Kinect Fusion to compute optimized triangle meshes on-the-fly by removing redundant triangles on planar surfaces.


In quite a few projects world-wide, 3D Mapping technology has been used for documenting historical buildings -- typically involving a massive amount of time and person power for both the data capture and their processing for public access (if that is granted at all). This can be afforded for eminent buildings like the Pantheon in Rome or the Cologne Cathedral; it is prohibitive for the many thousands of listed historic buildings constituting the cultural heritage of a whole region. 3DInOs was a study for developing and exemplifying a concept how to document historical buildings in a level of detail satisfying art historians' needs and involving much limited cost for capturing, processing, and archiving the data, owing to the automatization and standardization of many of the processes and data formats involved.