Spatial Operators

SEMAP provides several operators to identify spatial relations between object. These operators are used to apply spatial constraints while querying the environment models, thiss enables the SEMAP framework to answer queries that combine spatial and semantic constraints.  By using distance operators,  it is possible to query for objects based on their distance to another object, or a manually set query position. Furthermore, there are topological operators, that determine if objects are within or on-top each other, which can, for example, be used to create an inventory for rooms. Similarly, there are directional operators to check which object's are above/below/left-of/right-of/in front or behind an object. For an overview of the various operators see the following images and their description

SEMAP's Spatial Operators for...

Point-Based Distance Measurements

Point-Based Distance Measurements
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SEMAP's distance operator allows to measure the distance between objects, in both 2D and 3D. The distance can be measured between the object's 3D body or its 2D/3D position, bounding box or convex hull. Here the distance between the chair and all mugs is evaluated on the object positions.

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