Official Releases:

Github New Features:
    • Regular pattern detection in the created textures
    • Textures are reusable if texture packs for the used data sets are used
    • obj-Reading is now position independent
    • Integration of psimpl-Library to optimize polygon contours
    • New I/O-Class for 3DTK Octree file format
New Features:
    • Automatic generation of textures from the input point clouds ( mesh export in .obj file format)
    • Restesselation for data reduction
    • Possibility to create animations from the qviewer program
    • Optional Marching Tetraedon decomposition
    • Complete new memory management using shared pointers
    • Normals can be exported and reused
    • Included a new tool for outlier removal and MLS projection (using PCL)
    • New sample tools for point clound reduction and coordinate system transformations
    • Complete new IO-Interface for easy integration of new data formats
    • Tons of bug fixes

Developer Version

You get get the latest developer version from github using git:
% git clone

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